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Day 28 Skin So Terrible Makes Me Feel Sick



I will be taking my 28th pill tonight , I'm on 20mg a day as I'm only 43.5 kg (91 pounds) but I'm having my dose upped on my next derm visit ! (dread)

But anyways my skin seemed to keep improving the fist few weeks until BAM WEEK BLOODY FOUR , My skin looks inflamed again , really red , big red spots , cysts , 2 lumps on my forehead and I don't ever get spots there , but my usual places (cheeks, chin) are horrendous , it's amazing how in the space of like 3 days it's gone so bad :(

Trying to stop feeling low about it , I'm also on my period and that doesn't help!

I have got a driving lesson on wednesday and I'm freakin out about that because he's a new instructor and my face is going to look sick and prob going to distract him from teaching me !

I swear my skin was better off before I started this drug !!!!!!


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it does get worse(for some people) before it clears completely:) I am sure instructor will be looking at the road and not your face. If you can, just humour yourself when it feels like you should be crying:)

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That sounds horrifying. I just started, is that going to happen to me in 3 weeks? I'll just cross my fingers.

This might not help but you can always watch cat videos on youtube.

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Ok I will try to humour myself :) nbkyrww: what dosage are you on ? It doesn't happen for everyone I don't think , mine could b other contributing factors : time of the month , alcohol and bad food fri and sat , makeup on fri and sat night which was quite plastered on lol , not sleeping well , just feel unwell in general

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