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Other Causes To Why I Am Still Getting New Acne And Why It Will Not Go! Need Your Opinions! Please

Liam Foster


So for around 4 months now i have been taking doxy which tbh has cleared up not all but most of my bad acne. I also use skinoren azealic acid cream on the remaining spots i have. I do not currently have a facewash regime but will do very soon. I am still getting new acne flaring up all over my face even when i have cut out everything! I havent had once ounce of dairy for at least 6 months now, on monday i started eating gluten free pasta and eating a lot more omega 3 dishes. Thinking that because i was eating gluten pasta before, i should cut this out as i thought that was the cause however since i have been eating gluten free stuff, i am still getting acne!!! Not so much on my back or chest anymore but just my face! A lot of small bumps on my forehead and a few painful pimples on my cheeks. I thought it was something to do with my perhaps growing a beard which i have now, however that wouldnt make no sense as i got some new acne forming on the back of my neck and a little on my chest. So what gives!? What is causing this!! I don't think it is solely because i dont have a facewash regime because as i said i am getting spots still elsewhere on my body. I am thinking maybe doxy has run its course now? My body may have grown tired of it. But why am i still getting acne!!! I know having a facewash regime may help but i am very sceptical on whether or not it will get rid of all my acne. What else could it be! Please leave your opinions, as i respect them all very much. I have suffered so much with acne, then when you think its maybe clearing up, you get them all back again when you are doing things right! I just dont understand.

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Doxycycline never worked for me. I would cautiously switch to Amoxicillin or Cephalexin 500 mg three times a day.

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