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Chemical Peeling - Yay Or Nay?




I'm considering to do a chemical peeling on my face to remove the acne scars and also the dryness of the skin. Before I was on the regimen, i tried the Obagi Blue Peel, it wasn't very expensive but it dried my active acne pretty well. But now since I've been using the regimen, I have no new acne, but the scars still linger in some parts of my cheeks. Will chemical peel and the regimen together causes side effect?

Well, have any of you guys tried chemical peel while on the regimen?

Tell me how it is please! In need of some advice smile.png

Cheers xx


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I am not on the same regimen as you but I have done chemical peels. The one I did was called a vitalize peel & it's a mild peel. It definitely helped with the evenness and some scars but in order to see great results you have to have at least 4-6. They can get pretty expensive to but you can only get them once every 5-6 weeks, so this gives you time to save up some money again. Each one of mine cost $125 and they were not covered by insurance because they are considered cosmetic procedures. Overall though I would recommend them, but you have to be patient when it comes to expecting results!

Good luck to you :)

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Thanks for the advice, yea I will most likely do the chemical peel.. just waiting for my skin to get better, less dryness and flakiness and def. I will do it to remove acne scars :)

thanks xx

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