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Day 21 - Skin Getting Better




Can't believe I have been following the regimen for 3 weeks already (booyeah)! After all the redness, flaking and itchy skin, I have finally passed that stage already. My skin is no longer red but as compared to my neck, it is still a bit darker. But yea most of the active acne, I can say, are 95% gone from my face smile.png There are still acne scars caused by previous acne in some part of my cheeks. But as for the forehead and nose area are pretty much cleared.

My current skin routine:

-Washing my face twice a day (although it is hard at first because I tend to wash my face 3x a day)

-Washing it ONLY for LESS than 10 sec.

-Applying 2.5 Benzac and Olay moisturizer between 10-15 mins after i finish washing my face

I also started to take this oral medication called INTERDOXIN (i'm not sure whether you guys know that or not), but anyways a friend of my told me to take it. He said that this is not to cure the acne but to prevent acne breaking out. So far, it works. No new, active, disgusting acne for me smile.pngsmile.png

I tend to scrub the dead skin on my face while I'm in the shower, although I know that you are not supposed to do it. I only gently scrub with my finger around my jaws and nose area only, no where near my pimple area. Oh ya, I also use the olay moisturizer at night (I am aware that they contain sunscreen, but who care I still use it anyways) because I find that with the Cetaphil moisturizing lotion, it burns and sting when I apply it after using the 2,5 Benzac.

I tend not to use make up during the day because I feel that foundation and heavy make-ups will clog pores and can cause breakouts. However, if I really really need to use make up, I choose to only conceal my scars using a Mac concealer and then applying Bare Minerals loose powder (a bit of Benefit blush too sometimes wink.png ) But using makeup, i feel that it tends to make the dryness and flaking more obvious because the powder won't stick to my skin.

Do you guys know what is a good primer and concealer to help me with this problem??

But, enough with all the dryness complain and flakiness of my skin. I am quite content with the current result and I hope my skin continue to get better and better everyday. Just a piece of advice for you guys out there who currently just started following the regimen: Don't stress out too much with your current skin condition, avoid looking at the mirror too much because it can demotivate you and you end up doubting the regimen and the key is to just BE CONSISTENT biggrin.png

Anyways, I am now waiting for the actual Kit from acne.org to arrive, I've ordered the complete set already. Can't wait to try it on and see the difference.

For people out there fighting with acne and are using this regimen, best of luck smile.png



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Im so glad you stuck with the regimen...you seemed unsure about it in your last post. I've been doing the regimen for just over a week now and your advice has really encouraged me to keep going so thankyou :)

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hey, I'm so glad to hear that :)

YES! Def stay with the regimen, your skin will turn out even worse before it will eventually gets better.. so just wait and be consistent following the regimen

Best of luck to you xx

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