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Start To College - Makeup Coverage Tips!



Here we are again Acne bloggers, this time I thought i'd write about how I apply my makeup to cover any blemishes yet without smothering my face in a cake-like fashion.

Important... I have a really small amount of acne at the moment, so its pretty easy to just apply one layer and get an even coverage, but this piece of advice is from when my skin was very bad.

I used to use a face scrub beforehand, Organic ones are usually the best! (See my product recommendation blog entry for some other good products), and after I applied a small amount of moisturizer to my cheeks and chin and made sure that it was all rubbed in.

Now it's time for the makeup itself - I use a very light helping of an organic concealer on just the problematic areas - but don't rub it in! Just let it sit on top of the area - I then put on, using a makeup sponge, Miss Sporty's So Matte Perfect stay - It's full of minerals and Vitamin E so it's perfect for using on blemish-prone skin - If you go over the concealer with this then it blends it all in together whilst also keeping your acne hidden.

During the summer I don't wear a powder on top of this because I find it clumps and dry's around the spots and makes your skin look a thousand times worse than it actually is underneath, But in the winter I use a Bare Minerals powder just to finish it off. To take off the make-up try and buy some facial wipes that don't use harsh chemicals! And remember to cleanse the skin afterwards with a face scrub!

I may have written this into my blog - but I don't believe anyone who suffers from Acne needs makeup, infact nobody needs make-up, it's just something to make us feel that tiny bit better.

Stay beautiful readers & I hope this helped. wavey.gif


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