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Days 11-16 On Accutane



So, the basic symptoms are still here. Peeling peely peel skin and chapped lips that just won't quit.

My skin is improving, I had three white heads on one of my cheeks yesterday morning but they've already been ​ annihilated.

There's a bit of a problem considering I'm going on a cruise the 15th through the 23rd and I have my appointment on the 14th which means I'll have to beat the window of time and ugh its a hassle.

Also, I drank coffee on the morning of my blood exam on Friday and there wasn't any appointments for Saturday or today so I have to do it tomorrow. Hopefully they can get the results to the dermatologist in time or I will be missin some days of Accutane ):

I am having some joint pains, and my hair is so dry. My scalp is so dry no type of dandruff shampoo is helping. I made a lemon & apple cider vinegar mixture which helps the dandruff but the scalp is still super dry.

As for my mood, I'm just feeling very romantic? I'm not sure if this is because of accutane or because everyone I knew is in a relationship, but it's happenin'

I'm actually not as depressed as I used to be, so that's always good.


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Sounds great man. Good results so far.

No IB? Anyways im going to start on the 11th this month and Im excited.

Reading all these posts makes me happy to see something is working for people like us.

Any tips btw?

Good Luck on your journey and ill stick to your blog if you continue to post

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Good luck!

My major tips would be to have enough moisturizer and especially enough lip balm/chapstick. Another tip would be to make sure you are on top of those blood taking appointments, because that's one thing that's easy to overlook. Just be very careful when you're out in the sun, and most importantly: be patient. (:

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