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People With Out Acne Don't Get It



I try to explain to them when im crying about my skin and they are all "its not that bad" "its going to go away its just hormones" "honey dont be so sad you still look pretty" i say, think of my acne as a red scaly rash on your arm. If you had this rash for a couple days it may worry you right... you buy rash creme, maybe cover it up by wearing long clothing to hide it from friends or family (avoid swimming and public areas). If OTC medicine does not work long term and the rash keeps reappearing even after you thought it left you will begin researching other remedies for clearing the rash. You try a different diet and spend hours in your bathroom trying things and TRYING SO HARD to think positive and Once you have tried 12398291-093821 zillion different things and nothing works and 6 years later you have the rash still which has now spread to other areas and just makes you feel like crawling in a box and hiding. THATS HOW I FEEL FUCKIN PISSSSSSED OFFFF! sorry had had had to vent right now.


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Agreed, but we got to learn to push through the bad parts in life. Maybe if you havent, go see a dermatologist. I know it takes courage going there and accepting the fact that you have a Medical issue, but if you are really tired of your acne i highly reccomend it.

I too have friends that dont understand...Sometimes I dont even go out because my acne is really starting to break out or flare up...And its ruining my social life and I love hanging out with people so much.

Im soon going to start an accutane journey that will hopefully treat my acne for good (or at least a couple of years).

I hope you find a treatment for you that will work, but remember you have the potential to make this life that you were given a rememberable one, or a regretful one.. The choice is yours, take action

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I feel you! That is why I went to war on my acne. I use every medication possible. I use retin-a, topical clindamycin, topical benzoyl peroxide, Amoxicillin, anti-bacterial soap and oil free moisturizer.

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