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Day 45 (Day 15 Month 2)



DAY 45

So today i am at the half of the second month. And i do not start school this Monday yeeeyyy. The last weekend we found out that they give us one more week of holiday.

About my face... IT'S HORRIBLE!! i mean it looks really really bad. especially my left cheek where i have these nodules/cysts near my mouth( see the image), now they aren't so big like a few days ago but are still there. and are so red.

my mom said too that at the beginning my face wasn't so bad.

and my lips :( my dear lips hahaha so dry, they are peeling, they sting auchhh and i'm always using the lip balm. i already finished one (it has 4.25g/0.15OZ) i'm using the second now and my mom ordered two more hahaha. usually i use one tube of balm (this one it's the best) in several months.

i keep working out even if after my PowerPilates class all my body hurts hahaha

the last weekend i had an awful shoulder pain but i don't know from what

the next week i'll do some blood tests because my GP said that every two months is enough

*when i go to pilates i cannot wear makeup(in this moment i cannot wear makeup at all anyway) and i have only the moisturizer on my skin and it's so uncomfortable i mean i feel that everyone looks at me and the teenagers, most girls look at me so strange, like they couldn't be in my place 8-|. you cannot know what your future holds*

and i don't know what else to say

today's photos


left cheek


right cheek







full face photo - yesterday



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Wow, you are stunning, you look like a model! Acne can be really hard and with dry skin, it becomes even more irritating. I know how you feel and I'm sure most people on this site share your feelings.

I wish you the best! I hope you get clear soon. :)

And, keep up with the Pilates!

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awww your gorgeous ! I hope the acne clears up because i have it same as you and hate it as well. scared to try accutane :( tho

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You're experiencing the inital break out , good for you! I mean not good for you like that , but now you know for sure that accutane it's juts makeing his course , and you will be looking GREAT in just a few mouths .

If you have a faster metabolism like I do you will se result very fast, as you know I've experienced the worse break out ever , and now I have like 4-5 actives left + my red marks started to fade, so YEAHHH !!

Good luck with your course and don't let this scare you , because you will get better soon I promise !

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You are so beautiful. I believe that if you keep trying any and everything, you can be made better. If accutane does not work I recommend you try Amoxil. It cleared my acne up totally. I also use topical benzaclin which is topical clindamycin mixed with benzoyl peroxide.

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