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Fight Acne Day 152 Accutane



Hey guys! I'm really happy right now, my acne is still 100% clear and my red marks are fading faster than I thought! Again, I still don't have any side effects other than dry lips and lightly dry skin.

Back in April when my doctor told me I have no choice except Accutane, I really was depressed. I would hide during breaks at school and only let a hand full of friends see my face entirely. No matter how much I tried not to think about it, EVERYONE would ask me what was wrong with my face. Some people would even keep staring at my face even though I asked them a question, so annoying... What would make me crazy was how they kept telling me to wash my face! There was even a hygene/puberty doctor guy that came to our school and said acne will always go away if you wash your face.... I rolled my eyes so hard and said a big f u to him in my head.

Now with the new school year coming up and my finally clear face, I'm positive that I will focus more on my school work and not being afraid of socializing. Acne has made me more confident.

Bottom line, Acne is not just something that "you have to deal with" and "not care about" because "it's nothing serious". (i've heard all of these many times) and they are partially right! But when your acne is severe and you have gross whiteheads erupting on your face every couple of hours, no matter how confident you are, it does matter, A LOT. Boy or girl we all wake up every morning hoping that our face is getting better but when we look in the mirror, we get depressed, it feels somebody just stabbed a knife in your stomach because you know that day you will be stared at, made fun of, told what to use on your face etc.

This little online community is the only place where you can relate to other people and vent if you had a bad day because of your face, this place really helped me throughout my accutane journey (which is still not done). I wish all of the fellow acne sufferers good luck and PATIENCE, you'll need it!

If you have any questions about accutane or if you're having a bad day and just want to vent, don't hesitate, write a comment. :)

See you next time!:)

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