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When To Stop Using The Refimen?



OK guys my so i just bought my first acn.org products and its been 3 days since i got them. My face is really itchy, also it has an irritating burning sensation lol. But ya, What I really want to now when do you know you have acne free skin forever and you can stop the regimen? Ive been on this site for sometime now and I havnt seen anyone ask this before. I mean really when can you stop, because I read on google that acne ususally goes away in early 20's or at least starts to go away and I want to know when can you stop using the regimen, or is it a "life long" thing lol. Please answere if you know anything THANKS!!!!


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Hello! I can see from your username that your probably 16 years old, the worst time for acne. I haven't used the regimen (doing Accutane) but from what I read you have to do the regimen twice a day, every day. If you ask me, I wouldn't want to spend half of my day in front of the mirror. I suggest you see if it works out for you, if it does then I'd say continue until after puberty and stop later on.

Good luck on your regimen! :)

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Yes you are correct about my age. And thanks for your advise, and its been only my fourth day and my mild acne has cleared ALOT. i think it works for me. Once again thanks. :)

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Hi, I've used the regimen for over 2 years now. The Regimen is exactly what the name suggest, it's a regimen. It's a routine thing that you do everyday FOREVER. Hehe, but don't let that scare you and no ceminay, you don't spend half your life in front of a mirror. Before using the regimen I was washing my face twice a day anyway, it's the same thing. I wash with Dan's cleanser cause it's gentle and cheap and you don't need much. Then apply the treatment (I only need one pump in the morning and one in the evening). Then I apply moisturizer 15 mins later, although I don't always need to do this last step because I live in a pretty humid place. The main thing is to wait after applying the treatment so that it is absorbed really well, before you apply moisturizer.

If you just started using the Regimen, here are a couple of tips and pointers:

1. start slow, only use one pump a day for a couple of weeks and then switch to one pump in the morning and one in the evening after your skin is used to it (stop being too flaky/itchy and clears up a bit). If you started right off the bat using it twice a day, bring it back down to once a day. Don't pick at the flaky skin!!

2. your skin is getting used to the treatment, it's going to be itchy, dry, flaky and look horrible for a while. My skin took 3 months to get used to the treatment! Yes, it's a long time to try and stick it out. you may even feel like quiting, but my skin has been gorgeous for years now and I'm grateful i stuck it out.

3. when you first starting using the regimen, you may get more breakouts, this is normal and a bit scary, but don't get discouraged, the skin should get used to it soon

4. i only used it on my face, not on my neck or anywhere near my eyes, these areas are too sensitive and I didnt have breakouts there anyway

5. stick with it! it'll SUCK for about 3 months and then it'll all clear up and be beautiful. If it's really painful and you have any reactions other than what I mentioned (swelling, eye irritation, etc) then I would stop using it. You may be allergic.

Hope this helps.

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OK thanks!! :) but wouldnt your skin clear up when your like 20 or around that age, cant oyu just stop using the regimen then. And yes it would be expected to get a break after you would stop (thats basically common sense lol) but then it should go away right? And do you think you can suggest any products to use that dont require a regimen long lasting cleaning lol. Thanks

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