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Day 147? Maybe?



i'm writing this because, even though i don't have much of a retin-a related update because i'm still holding off on bumping up to the .1, i'm frustrated about something else that i think people here might be able to relate to. in general i'm not an outdoorsy person, at all. i like to sleep in a bed, shower, etc. my boyfriend loves to camp, and is going camping this weekend. in addition to the fact that i hate feeling dirty, now i ALSO have to worry about my skin. sure, i want to be able to wash my face when i need to, but in the past when my skin was totally clear i wouldn't have worried about it so much/at all. now i'm legitimately scared to go on trips like this, because i don't know what my skin will look like, whether i'll be able to do my morning/night regimen, and if i start to break out i won't be able to wear makeup to cover it. i feel like i'm being so superficial and i shouldn't worry about not washing my face for a couple nights or getting a few extra zits...they'll go away when i get home. i just HATE worrying about that and not being able to enjoy things like this. but i don't want to spend an entire weekend in the woods, all stressed out and self conscious. but should i even care about that? do people have advice regarding that?

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dont worry, a few months ago i went camping, and though my skin is clear now, it was TERRIBLE then. I mean my entire face was broken out. I love camping, i used to look forward to going and not wearing makeup and staying in sweatpants all day. But this time I was so embarrassed. There was two other girls with us and they had perfect skin and walked around looking beautiful, while i was in the bathroom for an hour every morning caking on the makeup which i knew was going to look horrible in natural lighting. But My husband kept reassuring me the whole time that i looked beautiful. His opinion is the only one i care about anyways, and he had already seen my acne and still thought i looked pretty. It really made me feel stupid for worrying about it in the first place. My skin didnt break out any worse as long as i washed it at night, i didnt really have to worry about the am. Have fun and don't stress, that's what will make you break out. Good luck!

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