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Day 1,2,3,4

Nataliya Erikovna


day 1

current status:

-PIH on forehead

-PIH next to the left corner of my nose

-PIH under the left corner of my lips

-a lot of blackheads on my forehead and nose

-possible scarring due to picking at my skin

products I use:


Essence pure skin face wash (with salicylic and glycolic acid)

essence acne gel spot treatment (with zinc oxide)

eucerin dermo purifyer moisturizer spf30 for dried out skin after a dermatological acne treatment

manhattan clear face corrrector stick anti blemishes

vitamin supplements

yeast extract pills

- a lot of water! fruits, vegetables


Essence pure skin face wash (with salicylic and glycolic acid)

retin-A 0,025%

I've been trying to get started with retin-a for about 2 months because I have a lot/tons of blackheads on my forehead and nose which regularly break out...but the initial breakouts always scared me, so I quit. I'm very obsessive when it comes to my skin and felt horrible when it got worse instead of better + I tend to pick a lot at my skin! I know it's bad, but I just can't help it! I've already cut my fingernails so it will be more difficult. I also touch my skin the whole time, so well I won't do that anymore. I've decided to give retin-a another shot even though I'm really afraid I will look like a monster! I just really want to have clear skin again!

day 2

I've actually noticed some improvement, the PIH lessened + no more zits occured...I know this is just false alarm as retin-a will definitely make my acne worse over the next few weeks...This morning I wanted to touch my face and pick at it...Eventually I could refrain myself from doing it...we'll see how it goes...

day 3 and 4

new products I've bought:

-essence pure skin anti-spot moisturizing make-up

Is said to cover imperfections without clogging the pores. Oil-free, moisturizing and calming +fights spots and blackheads

Let's hope it works!

Well...I've noticed quite a lot of improvement...no more zits...my skin got really dry and superflaky though...I tried not to touch it, but failed...well...at least I didn't pick at my forehead...I haven't used any more retin-A...I don't want to irritate my skin so I thought it would be better to take it easy and apply it every other day or something...

day 5-7

Ok! day 5 and 6 were awesome! No zits, nothing! But this morning I noticed a lot of them...on my forehead, next to my nose and on my chin...tiny ones...but still! So today I've decided to use benzoyl peroxide 2,5%...at least my skin isn't flaky at the moment and the PIH sort of cleared up...


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