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Starting The Regimen Again - Day 4



Ok, so here's a quick update on how my skin has been doing. It is pretty red and slightly dry. The area under the nose feels kinda hard/dry but I think it's getting better. I got a few more pimples, I still think it's from my raging hormones (still on period). It's only been 4 days on the regimen, I know it is going to take some time and I just need to keep it up. Hopefully soon, things will start to get better.

I have been eating healthy still, and religiously taking turmeric pills and drinking ACV.

I've also ordered some green rooibos tea! Since I've gotten rid of caffeine, I miss my tea. I've researched the tea and not only does it have more antioxidants than green tea, but it also contains aspalathin, which is anti-allergies and can help with skin conditions. :) Not expecting miracles, but I could really do for some healthy tea.


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Hello. I really hope the regimine helps you. I, myself, had to use Accutane because my acne was too severe to wash it twice a day, but I would have liked to try this miracle regimen. Good luck and I hope you get good results! :)

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Thanks! Sorry that you had to go on accutane, that's not an easy path, from what I have heard.

And yes, I hope I get good results this time. I have before on the regimen. :)

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