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My Plan B: Day 29: Healing?



Today was my second day of work. I was so tired yesterday and I couldn't possibly find the time to write down my progress. Anyways, in terms of my skin, it is healing. I mean, the layers of skin on my wounds/red spots are slowly peeling off. In fact, they started to peel yesterday already. Some of the red spots are not quite flat yet. I am not sure if there are some residual dirt or pus inside the wound. In terms of scars, I am pretty much left with a bunch of dark red spots and a few bumps here and there. In terms of whiteheads, I still have a lot of them. I think it improved a little. I mean, it cleared up on my cheek (touch wood), and my forehead improved a little bit from the worst time. There are still a few on my forehead but I will deal with those ones later on. In terms of my chin and upper lip, there are still a number of persistent whiteheads here and there. I just couldn't possibly get rid of all of them.

My face was still oily today - again, it improved but not drastic. I am still taking megadose B5 and I reminded myself to take them on time during work. I woke up at 7am and my face was really oily by around 2pm. I guess there is an improvement already because it would only take me around 2 hours to get to that degree before I start megadosing. I am not sure if the condition will get any better or if this is it already. But I started applying gel plus (AHA) on my face day and night about 2 days ago.Of course, I am only applying a thin layer of gel plus in the morning and a thicker layer at night. I will try this for another month and see if this will clear up my skin.

I am turning 26 and for this year's bday wish, I wish I could finally grow out of ACNE please................


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