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Day 14 On The Regimen



I'm currently Day 14 following The Regimen

I've seen minor improvements on my face, no new acne popping up in my face and the older ones are gone by now or at least very dry. However, I can still se acne scars here and there due to the old acne. My only concern is that my face is now darker than the usual color also when being compared to my neck. The skin also tends to get very dry after I wash my face with a gentle cleanser, should I scrub off the dry skin on my face or just leave it as it is and continue applying 2.5 % BP?

In Day 1- Day 7, the skin seems red and irritated. It hurts so bad and the skin seems to be peeling off and very itchy. I almost gave up on this product because I thought its making my skin even worse due to the redness. Previously, I used Retin A for almost 3 months however it didn't help my skin.

My only concern is whether this product s working or not? Cause till now I'm not seeing a significant improvements with my skin or at least as what was written in the What to Expect section in the acne.org website. Does using drug store product stated in the website make you achieve a different result as compared to using Dan's Kit?

Also, I still use make-up, like applying a water-base foundation and sometimes concealer if I'm going out and using loose powder to set my make-up. Does this affect the healing process?

Should I still continue The Regimen??? And approximately how long until I can get an even complexion and a healthy natural looking skin, free from acne sad.png


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