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Day 73 Update **pictures



Hey guys, so today i was doing a few things (haircut, shopping and what not) so while i was at the shoppers drug mart i was picking up a travel size avene thermal water to keep at school, the lady working asked about what i was using on my skin so i began to tell her. she told me i should try an exfoliant for my skin and i said no just because i thought it would be bad on my skin to over exfoliate... so while i was checking out the cashier was talking to me and telling me that im messing around with my skin. She said the retin a exfoliates internally but an external exfoliant would help a lot... she also said that using the neutrogena daily cleansing pads are bad for my skin cause they strip oils and make my skin more sensitive than it already is... then she told me that the blotting pads i use promote more oil. she said that the avene thermal water spray is good for me because it helps hydrate and what not. **Im not quoting her on everything she said... i mightve got it wrong. but basically she said that by eliminating the blotting pads and neutrogena pads, i would help regulate my skin. she said that although i said no to buying it she would give me a sample of their gel to try, they also gave me a sample of the avene clearacne regulating lotion. I used the cleanser she gave me and i like it a lot, its a lot more mild than the clinique one and my face isnt half as tight as before... im hesitant about using the lotion though just cause i dont want to break out! can anyone tell me their experience with this lotion in the comments below? i believe the exfoliater she was trying to show me was a biotherm one that you actually use directly on your face... and the gel one i believe is also biotherm. anyways... my face has been doing better no complaints, my blemish on my cheek has flattened out and is becoming less red. and the small whitehead on my chin is gone! No complaints at all. OH WAIT! for those guys who shave... i picked up the schick quatro trimmer razor and i was wondering how good it is. i dont like using the disposable just cause i feel they ALWAYS break me out and i tried my brothers electric trimmer razor and i like it a lot it hasnt broken me out. comment your experience with it! alright well ill be posting again in a few days. Until then chow! <3