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First Time Posting!



Okay, so I just signed up for acne.org today. I've been looking at the different threads for years when searching for answers to clear skin, and finally gave in and started a blog, along with ordering the treatment from The Regimen.

I actually have very beautiful skin---I've had many strangers stop me and tell me I have skin like a china doll. My problem? I pick at it like CRAZY. Of course I'll occasionally get a small zit here or there (who doesn't? I'm not perfect) but when I notice even the smallest little blackhead, I just start attacking my skin. I'll pick at things that are non-existent, and in turn I'll get all of that grimy dirt and oil from my fingers into my skin and will cause breakouts. It's a terrible cycle.

I'll go through periods where I won't pick for months, but that is quite rare. It's been bad recently, but I am finally admitting to my problems and I want my clear skin back.

I know the only thing that will help me is will power, so I want to post every day about my progress.

Today: day one.

I will not pick today. My orders from acne.org should come in around next week, which I'm excited about. I didn't pick last night either, and my skin already looks much better than it has this past week.

If you all have any suggestions or have battled with this, please comment or message me! (I'm new to this so I'm not quite sure how the site works yet). I need all the support I can get (I'm too embarrassed to tell my friends about my problem).

Cross my fingers for clear skin!


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