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Seeing Some Improvement And At The Same Time Another Problem



Okay so its been about 8 days since I started using epsom salt treatment/mask daily before I sleep and my painful pimples and cysts has been almost cleared. I do not feel pain near my jaws anymore and I can sleep much much better now. I am no longer on doxycycline only BCP. I also started to do a turmeric mask every other day before I do the epsom salt mask and also I have used witch hazel for the first time two days ago and I think it has helped keep my skin less oily and soft. It does stink though. Overall there is a huge improvement with my acne I do have some on my chin and they are still continuing to purge but that's a good thing. The problem I have now is that my face is red all over especially on my cheeks and chin as you can see I do not know why its so red. It doesn't feel inflamed or anything it barely hurts except on my existing pimples and I am thinking about using calamine lotion to see if it can take away the redness. I am open to hearing any suggestions that may help the redness on my face.

Oh btw I took these photos after I washed my face so you can see some water drops nothing nasty. =]

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hi you can try using oatmeal as a cleanser for the redness

check out this video its really helpful :)

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