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Day 7 With New Treatment



Good afternoon! The weather is terrible in Scotland at the moment, like dreadfully terrible. It put me right off my morning walk I was going to do, so I did some yoga instead.

In terms of my treatment, Im still using the Azelaic Acid cream. Although, I have stopped using the cleanser that I was using as I felt it made my skin worse, I did only use it twice a day for 3 days but I did notice it made my skin more red and did'nt really gel with the Azelaic Acid. My routine for now is:


Wash face with water only, pat dry and leave for 10 mins

Apply Azelaic Acid cream all over face, leave to dry

Apply tea tree oil, a few drops on a cotton ball with some water to dilute it a little.


Wash face with water only, pat dry and leave for 10 mins

Put natural honey all over my face as a natural cleanser and leave on for 15-30 minutes

Wash off honey and leave to dry for 10 mins

Apply Azelaic Acid cream and leave to dry

And thats it so far.

I have foung that the honey makes my face feel so so soft, and actually reduces the redness of my face. I personally do see an improvement especially in my cheeks. I have managed to cut butter out of my diet and my soft cheeses (which I so terribly loved!) I used to eat tons and tons of eggs but I have cut down alot!

Last night, I kind of went on a google rampage as I had heard of this skin condition called "Pityrosporum" and "folliculitis". I stumbled on these as I was googling about clogged pores. My forehead especially is covered in these tiny bumbs, they are not inflammed and are the same colour as my skin, although when they are irritated they do turn a pink-ish colour. They are the type of bumbs that you can really only see if I am standing under bright light, it really does look unattractive. Anyway though, these skin conditions sparked my interest as some of the cases with them kinda resemble what I have on my face...but apparantly it is due to fungal indection? Or sweating? I dont know how I could possibly have a fungal infection. It made me think alot though, and I noticed my skin started developing alot of these when we had particularly HOT HOT weather...it just kind of progressed. They are mainly concentrated on my forehead and around my temples...kinda all around my nose too and under my eyes. :/

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Good choice with the honey. About a year ago, I used Manuka honey quite often. Seemed to my skin and it felt great. Plus the honey is yummy! :lol: I kind of fell out of the habit though, maybe I'll get back into it. I used to mix in a few drops of jojoba oil if my skin was dry, or a few drops of tea tree oil if I was broken out. All good stuff and all natural. Win-win!

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