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Dianette :/



Hi, i havent posted in a while but i am on month 7 day 4 of dianette and well i have some doubts now.

I'm going to be switching to Yasmin next three months and well I don't know. I feel a bit confused. I mean I dont get many spots but I got a spot under my skin on my chin that feels like a lump! It has gone down considerably but it doesn't feel it should be happening at this point. Then I got a spot on my forehead that is not going down but looks red. Anyway!

I got a positive though.

As well as using the black sea sulphur soap I am also using a new product!

Garnier toner for spotless skin range. I haven't got the full name but it's part of reducing spot marks from day one.

anyway it smells a little dodgy so i would be careful on testing your skin should you wish to give it a go but ! i believe it's helping keeping the spots down and at bay! i really think it is! my marks are also reducing somewhat but i found out something.

i got little icepick type marks on my cheeks and i was wondering, do they ever go away? is there something i can do to make it go away because i dont want them! How did they happen? i dont know ! it's frustrating that my skin will clear so that i am left with these little indentations on my skin. Minor as it is i am fully committed to getting better skin.



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