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Accutane Day 3



Hi Everyone,

I wanted to start a blog to share my experience of accutane. I am 24 and have had acne since I was about 13. I used Zineryt at first and that worked. I can't remember why but I stopped using it, Possibly because my spots had cleared up but after that it never worked again when I went back on it. I was prescribed dianette and that didn't work. I have recently been back on dianette for the past 3 months because my spots seemed to be the worst they have ever been. All on my chin and cheeks and painful, not really on my forehead though. I also have been on antibiotics which cleared the spots on my back but not my face.

I've tried so much including taking loads of pantothenic acid which i think is vit b5. I take a zinc supplement as well.

I went back to the dr to ask to see a dermatologist to go on accutane as my skin had not responded to the dianette and i was feeling at my wits end! The dr said i had to stay on dianette for 6 months before i was referred.

I decided to book an appointment and pay privately for accutane so it was £120 to see the derm and then £25 for the first month of roaccutane, its £100 each for the next 4 visits to the derm and another £200 for the accutane!!

I am worried about the side effects, especially as i run a lot and wont be able to do so much excercise.

My skin seems better after 3 days, although it is too early to say anything. I think my lips are drying up slightly but i cant really tell....

I'm going to keep posting.

I'll be on accutane until Christmas, looking forward to seeing the end results. I'd love to be free from acne!!


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