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Day 4 Report



So yesterday was pretty tough. It was my third day of eating nothing but steamed low carb veggies (which I hate). The plan I'm following says to eat nothing but them for a week to prepare my gut for the probiotics and anitfungals. I had to leave work at noon because I was experiencing some pretty bad "die-off" symptoms. Headache, nausea, brain fog and my acne had begun to breakout. I felt like shit. So that afternoon I kind of cheated and ate some organic chicken...alot of organic chicken. It was delish. I also went to the gym and spent some time in the sauna to sweat out the toxins. Sure enough I woke up this morning feeling great. And my breakout died down alot! I think thats just another clue that im on the right track. So I went back to the gym today for another sauna sesh. I had 2 organic eggs for brek and I'm gonna have some veggies and more chicken for dinner. So far so good.


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