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Washing Your Face Morning And Night, Does It Help?

Liam Foster


So i haven't wrote on here in a while. My acne has definitely gotten much better. I have been on doxy for 4 months now and it seems to be working ok. I dont have any cysts or major pimples, however im still getting the odd spot here and there. My forehead is just full of post acne marks which look awful. I was just wondering, i dont have a facewash plan atm, i dont wash morning or night with my face therefore i was wondering if maybe introducing one would help? Im opting to use cetaphil facewash morning and night along with the moisturiser to see if it helps. I would appreciate it if anyone would comment on cetaphil and how it worked for them or if they had any better recommendations. If i could get rid of all these post acne marks id be happy!

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yes! pick out a cleanser and moisturizer to use day&night. moisturizing your skin will help it renew itself so scars won't stick around as long :>

this might sound funny but I've been using lemon juice as a toner at night to smooth out my complexion and lighten my scars - it's doing a pretty good job. been using it for almost a month and it's working out nicely. super cheap and, so far, effective :>!

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