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So I've been wanting to ask for a while, and I didn't bring it up with my dermatologist because I was scared to stop. But my back has been hurting a little bit since taking the accutane. I remember it hurting a little last time i was on accutane, but i think it was off and on. this time i think it's ma little bit worse, because i'm more aware of ir than i remember being last time. and even though i was off for a month, i still felt it, though not as much, definitely.

I was just concerned, i dont want to have any kind of permanent damage afterwrds, has anyone else had back pain on accutane? it's mostly in my lower back.


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Hey there, I had back pain pretty bad on my first course of accutane. Every time I lay down it would feel like my bones were moving back into place or something. I have had it ever since my first course finished, but not as painful & often. I'm on my second course of accutane & I still have the pains but no way near as bad as it was during my first course. I think the majority of people actually experience lower back pain too. You should definitely mention it to your derm though!

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ok, thank you so much :) i'll bring it up next time, maybe he'll lower my dose or something.

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