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Day 47 - Noooo Breakout! Help Urgently



So I have recently been using Clinique's soap bar and I just finished it 2 days ago. I started using Cetaphil cleanser and lotion and now I have these horrible active spots on my cheeks. It doesnt seem to clean my skin as well, it doesnt foam or nothing. I have never broke out this bad since starting the treatment, just when I thought things were going well. I still have that nasty big spot on my jawline from last week, its not going!! what should i do?

I have also had a craving for chocolates which I never had before. Does this have an effect on my skin?

I urgently need help, someone please tell that what I am going through is normal at this stage..


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grab a facial cleanser targeted for acne! try some over the counter ones to see if they do anything for you like ones from clean&clear or neutrogena.

or get something to use as a spot treatment if those acne products are too harsh like tea tree oil! :>

I don't think cravings have an effect on your skin. consuming certain foods could benefit your skin like fruits and veggies but cravings don't have a correlation.

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Ive tried majority of the drugstore and high end brands such as Clinique, Estee Lauder and Laniege. Some contained alcohol which made skin very dry and broke me out like crazy. Ive been using the Body Shop's aloe vera range.. :)

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