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So Happy ^_^



I soaked in an Epsom salt bath last night and this once horrible rash is finally calming down. smile.png

The calamine lotion actually did make it worse and made my skin feel dry and tight. Suffocating my skin and letting the rash breed out of control.

So now I just apply 100% aloe after soaking in the bath at night (after completely air drying off). I'm going to do this until it is finally gone and I can get my drank on Friday! W00t w00t!

Also, my facial skin is sooo dry. I've never had that feeling before as my skin has always been disgustingly oily. It's probably my makeup and this new primer I use.. Neutrogena Shine Control Primer with a rice protein complex to absorb oils. It feels gritty and weird but it really does control the oil but I'm wondering just how much because even not wearing it today I feel super oil-free.

Hopefully my skin won't freak out and create more sebum. I'm just hoping for the best and staying super strict on washing my face at night.

I stopped using Apple Cider Vinegar on my face and it feels a little weird. I just didn't want to aggravate my skin and I think it may be better that I stopped. If my skin gets worse then I'll begin it again once the rash is completely gone.

I'm actually not seeing my boyfriend for a couple of days to see if it's something of his that's causing this insane rash. I'm just super hopeful and grateful that my skin looks much, much clearer and I hope everyone else is having a wonderful skin day. smile.png

yinyang.gif Stephanie


Things are pretty good for me lately...no real pimples to speak of, but then again I use a helluva lot of medications.

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My regimen is difficult to maintain because I am constantly treating my skin with some gel or cream and poppin' so many pillz. I used to have cystic acne and my face would ache from all the cysts. It was hellish. Once I started Amoxicillin, my face just went clear and as long as I maintain anti-biotic treatment it will probably stay clear.

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That is sooooo great but yeah sounds like a pain in the you know what. And have you talked to your derm yet about getting more?

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