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6 Month Accutane Journey Complete



Hey Everyone,

So its been some time since I posted last, been too busy sorry. Lots has happened. Not sure where to begin but here it goes. I found out by my new family doctor I have poly cystic ovaries, which is a contributing factor and probably the main cause to my acne. I was worried when I saw her because it was the middle of month 5 and I was still breaking out with a few pimples and also my menstrual cycle was all crazy. She told me I should be on birth control as treatment for the polycysitc ovaries and to help with the acne after accutane, my dermatologist agreed. I cant say that I am thrilled with the outcome of accutane because I was hoping I would be acne free, but I am glad its not the way it once was. I wish they had found the cause of my acne before because really I should have been on birth control before the accutane, though im glad they found it.

Here is my final result of accutane


Goodluck to everyone on accutane! Cheers!


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Hi, how did you get diagnosed with polycystic ovaries? Ultrasound, blood test, physical examination? I assume the family doctor was not dermatologist, but why would he check for pros? I am just thinking if I have it how do I ask and who do be checked for it. Your results are looking great! Beautiful face! Good luck with birth control treatment!:)

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you look fantastic..I also noticed that you are a board certified dental hygienist...Bravo!! I have an attorney license but its not currently active because I have depression...anyways good luck with the bc

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