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Day 15, 16



Skin continues to look great. While I did have 2 tiny new actives (one of them those annoying ones that's just above the lip and the other by my nose) - they were small to begin with and are almost completely gone now anyway. The new thicker texture to my skin has me looking A LOT less greasy. It seriously looks like I have new skin - especially when looking into mirrors with natural light. I kind of can't believe it. The red and brown scarring has also been fading dramatically...

The newest development is that I've just begun my journey with dry lips. There'd been no noticeable difference til Day 15 when I woke up and my lips were completely chapped and felt like they'd tear if I smiled too wide. Of course I somehow misplaced my vaseline, so am going to get carmex today and see how that works.

Other than this, side effects continue to be minimal - save for whenever I engage in rigorous sport (which isn't that often, haha) - I feel the aches of an 80 year old afterward. But I can manage that just fine. Oh and I've definiely had to up my water intake lately.


Color and texture continue to improve

2 small new actives

Cyst near eye has dramatically gone down

Skin not greasy at all

Side effects

Start of dry lips

Body aches after physical activity more pronounced

Having to drink more water


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oh good! =) thanks. i am following your blog, as i'm starting accutane soon and want to compare notes haha

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No, it's definitely a good idea. Meant to already have posted but darn camera's been on the outs. Best of luck with starting your course!

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