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That's what I feel like I'm on right now. I feel awesome today! Itchy, but awesome.

My tummy has a lot less bumps and the cream soothes my skin fairly well.

I felt really bad saying no to sleeping over at my boy's house last night but I really needed the sleep and face wash. My skin already feels cleaner and clearer. I'm going to do another Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask tonight.

I've also read wonderful reviews for Olay Regenerist's Thermal Mini Peel and I'm gonna snatch a bottle at Walmart tonight. I'm really thinking that will help. Gonna do a little mini facial tonight at my house.

I really want my skin to be clear come the 31st for my birthday and Cubs game.

I also want to note that since last night I started using Florafiber from Herbalife two to three times a day and have been trying to drink plenty of water. I also add 3 capfuls of this aloe juice with mango from Herbalife to a bottle of water in the morning and at night.

Maybe that's what I can attribute to the fading of my acne. Who knows, all I know is things are looking up. smile.png

yinyang.gif Stephanie


Good luck with your 31st birthday goal. That's been a wish of mine every year for soo many years. "Maybe this year I'll look better!"...hasn't happened yet but my birthday is in 5 weeks and I just started Spiro so there is hope.

Cubs game? That's what I like to hear. :] I live in the western suburbs and go to school in Oak Park.

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Heck yeahhhh I live in the Northern Suburbs and for some reason everyone here is a White Sox fan. saywhat.gif But I'm glad it's a home game and they are sooo going to win. amused.gif

Thanks a lot. I think these fiber herbal supplements are doing wonders for my tum tum and my skin. Everything in your body is linked to one another and you have to be healthy all around to have healthy skin like I always say.

I am unfortunately not seeing a derm. :\ Though I don't know if I really want to. They are always prescribing harsh drugs that have harsh side effects and I saw one once when I was like 12 and they prescribed me tetracycline. Which produced no results and only costs more money.

I feel like if you have absolutely no idea where to start then derms are good for you or if there is a drug you really want to try then it's absolutely great. But if you know what works to clear your skin then why pay someone to have you try all the drugs out there and get less than favorable results?

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