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I almost cried last night. That's how absolutely uncomfortable I was with the itchiness of these stupid bumps all over my body. I was almost convinced I had chicken pox or worse, leprosy.

I also had to explain to my boyfriend just how badly it affected my skin when I don't remove my makeup at night when I see him. And worse, that I didn't feel comfortable and couldn't look him in the eyes if I did take it off.

I'm hoping that my switching body washes, damn Aveeno, will help me. I just got this Softsoap Heavenly Vanilla body wash that I've used in years prior (that smells exactly as it sounds.. heavenly). And I apply aloe all over after showering. It's only been a day and I have seen no change in bumps or itchiness but I'm hoping I will soon.

I haven't been overly stressed lately but it's hard to maintain my cool when I'm itchy and pimply in all the worst areas. :\

Gotta keep calm and carry on. Easier said than done. Heh.

Just how do I say no to sleeping over at my boyfriend's house? I don't even have a car so it's not even easy to leave. Who knew skin could be such a damper on your social and love life.

yinyang.gif Stephanie


Someone at work said milk was good for allergies. O_O I have no idea but I just drank a tall glass of skim milk and after my shift I'm hitting up the Wal-Mart to get some benadryl and hydrocortisone cream!!

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"I also had to explain to my boyfriend just how badly it affected my skin when I don't remove my makeup at night when I see him. And worse, that I didn't feel comfortable and couldn't look him in the eyes if I did take it off."

This is the story of my life. I always have excuses for not staying the night with my boyfriend. I will drive home even at 2 in the morning rather than stay there. It' just God awful to not be comfortable in your own skin.

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It really is horrible. :\ I'm sorry you're feeling what I'm feeling. Cuz it's just miserable. But it's good to wash your face and it beats that disgusting feeling in the morning next to them. A billion white heads form sometimes overnight and your skin is half caked up with makeup and half bare with all the red spots and scars showing. Ugh. :(

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Right? I'd rather be clean but look ugly at home in my own bed than wake up in his bright white bedroom with him wanting to look me straight in the face at 8 am. Ugh.

He tries to make it better, but he just makes it worse cause he's always like "you're beautiful without makeup". I'm like please. Don't draw more attention to it because I know it looks really bad. I have a lot of red marks and just generally bumpy skin. I hate it too because I'm pretty sure this guy has never had to deal with a breakout in his life. He has wonderful tan, smooth skin and an even complexion. You just don't know til you've been there!

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if its an allergic reaction maybe taking an antihistamine tablet may help bring some relief to your skin.

Ask at your local pharam or places like walmart sell them etc


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Clam, i'm sorry to hear that you're going through this. What do you think brought this on. How is your face ATM. The benadryl should help - be careful with the cream though.

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I really can relate. I hate being a girl with acne. I would really not mind being a handsome young chap with some skin problems but I feel pressured to have perfect skin being a woman. But guys don't have to worry about clogging their pores with makeup either. Boo. Either way acne just sucks. I wish I had a million dollars for all of the cosmetic procedures everyone talks about on this site.


Yeah I already got some Benadryl and it hasn't helped the itching or redness save for a spot on my tummy that seems to be almost gone. My legs currently feel like they're on fire. It really stinks. But I think something is working.


I really, truly have no idea. My skin is not very sensitive (all over-of course I have sensitive, acne-prone skin on my face) and I have never been allergic to any dyes or fragrances. I did just get over a coldsore breakout and my boyfriend was researching a little, trying to ease my mind and said that some people have encountered this exact type of breakout all over the body except for their genitals after a herpes I breakout (not to be mistaken for herpes II). Which is exactly what's going on with me. So it could be that or this stupid Aveeno gentle body wash and lotion duo that has oats in it. Too bad too, it made my skin so soft haha.

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