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Day 4,

Let me just start out by saying EWWWWWW my face was hella F**king gross today...seriously just beyond. Maybe I put on too much moisturizer or something because my face was the kind of pizza oily that would look gross even on a pizza; I literally felt like the oil on my skin added legit weight to my face. The make up Ive been using usually sucks up any and all oil I would naturally accumulate on my skin during the day...but NOT TODAYYYYYY. I was sitting at my desk (at work=nasty florescent lights)all day and had to fight the urge to rip off my skin and boil it/ take a bristol pad drenched in rubbing alcohol to it!EW EW EW. After work my friend was having a going away party (before college begins) and it literally took EVERY BIT of my will power not to bail on him in favour of spending the night alone crying to angsty music. Im glad i didnt bail in the end, though, because hanging with all the awesome people at that party actually helped me temporarily forget the condition of my skin eusa_pray.gif .

Oh lovely and the boy im seeing FINNALLY texted me back so yay...-ish. Eh he is actually kind of a poop but...Eh, such is life right?

Can any of you lovely people tell me when i can expect anyyyyy improvement?

I hope you guys are making much better / happier progress than I currently am, And thank you guys so much for your lovely comments its so nice to have people to complain to who actually know what i'm talking about teehee.gifteehee.gif !!!

Be back very soon!

<3 -AJ

dosage: 20 mlgs a day (month 1), 30 mlgs Months 3-4 1/2


simple-moisturizing face wash

simple-Replenishing rich moisturizer

cover FX- water based liquid foundation

Cover FX-powder

nivea-mint and minerals lip balm

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Sounds like a little bit off a rough ride but it does get better there's a lot of blogs and posts on the forum with peoples journey with accutane.

In my opinion your face looks a little red but you don't have much active stuff going on which is awesome.

You was right to go out as hard is might be (feel like that most days) it helps to clear your mind. Thats an achievement in my book ! :) since i have bailed out so many times in the past lol

Everyone's body's different a lot of people see improvement in 2 -3 months, some see it in the first couple of weeks etc. Keep your head and and stay positive and am sure that you will get the results you want and deserve.

all the best


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