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My Skin Looks Horrid. Absolutely Horrid.



After TWO FREAKING DAYS of not washing off my makeup my skin is outraged.

I wish I could find a foundation that wouldn't cause this. I also wish I weren't stupid those two days and JUST WASHED MY DAMN FACE. :\

Can't go back now so I just have to keep marching on, keep with the regimen and try not to pop all of these tiny little white heads that have taken over my face.

On the bright side me and the boyfriend are back together. Which I don't know how to feel about. Life just needs to be easier lol. I keep getting a reoccuring outbreak of hives all over my body.. THEHELL?!

Does anyone have any suggestions on a great body wash and lotion set that is good for sensitive skin, like, with no fragrance and stuff. And don't say Aveeno cuz I'm almost positive that was the culprit of my last little outbreak.

Getting a little fed up. :\

yinyang.gif Stephanie


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hey Stephanie,

Aww man! Well least you know what caused your skin to become irritated.

well all have hard days, but you have the right attitude to keep marching on that says a lot in it self.

by the looks of it from your blog when you was a little more carefree i.e. after vegas your skin was great.

Maybe stress is playing a part of focusing on skin too much (which is something a lot of us do lol) - dove do body washes and lotions which seem to be okay - though its all a bit of trial and error really!

keep your head up


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I know what its like to be young with acne and to be social. I used to pile on the make-up and I'll be blunt, when I "slept over" at my lovers apartment I kept my make up on all night and just put more powder on in the morning until I went home..the important thing is the health of your skin..I think you need serious treatment for your acne and rely less on make-up...godbless

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You guys are honestly amazing, and that is exactly what I've been doing amoxil. Just keep piling on the war paint.

Me and my boyfriend aren't close enough where I can show him my goblin-like face yet and it's coming to the point where I don't want to sleep at his house. I've also been wondering if it's his house/bed that's making my skin break out into hives.

And thanks Jay I really am trying to keep the stress to a minimum but man there is no beating being away from home, problems, work, etc. I'm gonna switch over to all Dove stuff. I totally forgot about them to be honest. And they always make you feel and smell so nice. ^_^

And what sucks about knowing what I'm doing wrong is that I'm an idiot and continue to do it. Just to save face. Which is ironic. Haha but I am a contradictive person and I hate it.

I just have to really focus on my skin and tell my man that I just can't spend the night. I look like the creature from the Black Lagoon if I leave the makeup on at night anyways. There really is no winning except for sleeping in the comfort of my home with no makeup.

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Clam, try calamine lotion. That helped me tremendously when i had chicken pox. Also, just wash with water and only apply soap to your private areas (underarms, etc). Give your skin a chance to calm itself down.

As for makeup - you're gonna have to have that talk with the BF - its hard enough dealing with acne without the irritation of cosmetics. If he loves you, he'll be sympathetic.

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Yeah he totally understands and our strength as a couple is communication. He was actually happy to hear me open up like that but disappointed that I couldn't feel the same around him. I told him I don't want to sleep over for a while. After all absence does make the heart grow fonder.

I bought this store brand hydrocortisone cream with vitamins A, C, and E. I looked at calamine lotion because I loved that stuff as a kid but it said it's really only intended for poison ivy, oak, and sumac irritations. Which really threw me off and this stuff said it's good for irritations from all of that and jewelry, eczema, soaps, seborrheic dermatitis, detergent, and cosmetic induced rashes.

So don't use soap except for the private areas? Done and done. I hope this works. I'm also taking benadryl.

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