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Will Acne.org's The Regimen Work For Me?

Brittney Baldwin


I feel as if i've always struggled with acne. I believe i was in 7th grade when i began to get very light acne. I thought no big deal, it'll go away soon. But i was wrong, my acne didn't go away, it got worse. First I started to get blackheads, then pimples all over my forehead got added to that, then painful zits where added to my list. I am 16 now and my whole face is covered in tiny little bumps that don't go away. Also i always have at least one active painful ingrown zit on my face. I am an active picker and I'm trying to stop but it's so difficult, i just want the pimples gone. I wear makeup (foundation, concealer, powder etc.) on a daily basis. I also wash my face twice a day with Mary Kay's velocity face wash. My acne also extends down the sides and back of my neck, my shoulders, my chest, and my back. My mom and dad both had bad acne in their teenage thru mid-adult years but i want to try and beat the cycle. My skin dose not scar easily (the only thing i lucked out on). I believe i have oily/combination skin depending on the climate but most of the time it's just straight up oily.

What I'm hoping is that i will experience the amazing success that many others are raving about on this site but I am still skeptical.

So what does everyone else think ... do you think I would benefit from The Regimen? Should I take a chance and just try it?

Thanks you,



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You have nothing to lose so give it a shot. It's actually really reasonably priced now that I look it over. but remember with any skincare routine it's just plain consistency with the product as well as commitment :>!

I personally haven't tried it because I've found my own little mix-and-match skincare routine that works for me.

have you been prescribed any behind the counter medications to treat your acne?

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