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Day 125



well, my forehead has shown a ton of improvement overall, and so has my skin tone and texture--happy about that! makeup looks better, pimples clear faster, etc. however, around my period i def still break out--i currently have 2 or 3 little whiteheads and 2 or 3 red pimples around my mouth--not so cute. i think they'll go away quickly (except for one which has been there for the past couple days) but still--i wish i could avoid breaking out so much around my period! thank you guys for your thoughts on improvement over time...i'm going to give it another month, which would be 5, and see how things go around my period, and then i'll prob up the retin-a to .1. excited for even better results!


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i take it now! only 50 mg though...my derm wouldn't give me a higher dose though. i have seen results though, although i think it's made my periods craazzyyyy!

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