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Day One Accutane



First day on Accutane, Starting College in a week and a half eeep!

Hey Y'all!

Since this is my first post I guess I should introduce myself. Im a seventeen year old girl and I have had pretty bad acne since I was 13. To the best of my knowledge I have tried every cure for acne ever imagined; topical, dietary and antibiotic and nothing has worked which has been incredibly frustrating as I'm sure some of you probably know. So I have decided to try accutane.

Having Acne has been increasingly frustrating as I've grown older as it always gets alittle better (enough for me to get hopeful that it is clearing up for good) right before it gets worse than it has ever been. I'm starting at an art college in the fall for painting which I am very excited about smile.png !!! I have been looking forward to college my whole life for a million different reasons but since I hit puberty the main one has been that in my head I've allowed myself to grow confident in a fantasy that in college i (finally) would have clear skin; which i know sounds so silly but rolleyes.gif. Needless to say...no such luck. I'm a pretty outgoing person as is but I constantly feel sooooo held back by the millions of gross red things on my face. I only ever feel comfortable around boys I like when its dark out so they cant see my skin and even then Im always nervously "playing" with my hair (aka= pulling it around my face to hide the war scene on my cheeks). Going on the subway with a boy I think is pretty is something I will avoid at all costs, and if I am forced to do it, It is rare that I wont have to fight back tears as I try to think of creative ways of shielding my face under the entirely mercy-less florescent bulbs. Trying on clothes is just miserable; how can I focus on the way clothes fit on my body when the process of trying them on requires me to stare at myself in a mirror under florescent lighting?! Maybe some of you know what I'm talking about? Sorry to be being such a downer it's just that I looked at the calendar today and realized that I start college in less than two weeks and there is really no reason I should still be entertaining the idea that my skin will acceptably clear by the first day of classes. Oh wellcensored.gif .

Anywayyyyy I took my first Accutane pill twenty minutes ago (20mlgs, but my doc said thats just the starting dose) so yay! I'm so excited to be on a definitive path to clear skin but I'm also alittle nervous because I hear some people have a pretty bad initial break out within the first two weeks, and I dont wanna be looking my very grossest the first time i meet the people i'm going to be spending the next four weeks with . I'm also alittle worried about not being able to drink since i am definitely a fan of that, but at the same time I think no kind of intoxication I've ever experienced has felt as good as clear skin looks catdance.gif .

Well thank you for reading over my whining and I hope all of you are well!

please let me know if you have any advice for being on accutane in college or if you have a recommendations for products for dry skin (my skin is normally pretty horribly dry so on accutane...Eeep! I already afraid!)

Thanks again and good luck on your own journeys! (Im sure you'll hear from me again soon smile.png )



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i suggest the neutrogena 3-1 hydrating treatment. its supposed to be a topical treatment but it really sucks! i use it as a moisturiser mainly because you dont have to worry about it breaking you out! also i use aloe vera gel its really soothing and will come in handy when/if the time comes when you get flaky and or red! tell me how everything goes! :) all the best!

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i'm seventeen too and i started the treatment on 26July. this is my 20th day and i haven't the IB yet :/ i'm nervous about it because i start school in less than one month and i don't know what to expect for then :(


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I am so excited for you. I hope to God accutane works!! Keep us in the loop! I also admire anyone that gets an education in the arts. Art adds so much value to society! Bravo.

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thank you guys so much! and @sonrisafingida let me know how its going for you i'd love to know what to expect! oh also what's your dosage? Im trying to figure out just how crazy low mine is

20mg/day first month. the next week i have an appointment with my derm. and i'll see then

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