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Day 7



One whole week today!! Trying to be excited about it in the midst of my skin gradually getting worse and worse. Those 3 cysts are in fact not cysts - just really deep spots that keep turning into whiteheads - SIGH. Today's film shoot was an exercise in humility and tolerance - my skin today didn't feel like it was burning so much as one big festering open wound. I could feel myself breaking out everywhere - the extras for the film were made to wait in a VERY well-lit restaurant and it was all I could do to look someone in the eye. Of course no one said anything and I was probably imagining them staring at me in off moments - but it was dreadful. Hours passed at a snail's pace (we started at 6:30am) - and by noon I had to ask if I could go home, feigning an allergic skin reaction. I doubt they'll be calling me back any time soon...

Thing is - I don't even think this is my initial breakout - I think it's just that I've been a bit more stressed this last week and haven't been getting much sleep - which yes, has always exacerbated my skin problems, but not ever to this extent - I know it's being doubly aggravated by the accutane and changing moisturizers. But this gets better right? All I need to do is be patient and just hope for the best, right?


Also - quick question - does anyone have any suggestions for good makeup foundations to wear while on this stuff? I'm starting to get the nagging feeling my current one is now aggravating my skin (it's an Irish non-comedogenic foundation)


5 remaining actives

3 new actives

Cyst near eye the same

Side effects

Burning feeling on face (and now, the kind of burning that feels like I'm breaking out everywhere)


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