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Finding myself

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Day Seven!



*Sigh* As my first week passes looking back I don't know how well it really went. When I'm focused and on track I feel great and do great, but it's hard when things start to get in the way. Between swimming, and having company over I started to get tired andwould quickly wash before jumping ino bed. Followed by me sleeping until noon and rushing to wash and start my day. This made the quality of my washing awful, I didn't give my skin a chance to absorb what I was putting on it before piling on something else! I then found myself skipping a wash while on a camping trip and feeling horrible when I woke up to two breakouts on my left temple.

So all of this led to me typing out a checklist similar to Dan's, that I now follow strictly. Washing comes first from now on. This first week has been strange, I found myself just feeling happier knowing I was working toward clear skin. Even though my skin isn't really clear I feel 110% better if I'm trying to help it than I do when I sit around using the same old products that don't work and wishing for clear skin. Most of all I'm proud of myself for commiting to this. I'm really excited to see results but, most of all I want prvention of future acne. I'm a HUGE believer in loving yourself before you can make a change. And right now I couldn't be happier with myself, so hopefully all will go now from here on out!


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