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I just broke up with my boyfriend on Friday and I've been so super stressed, getting little sleep, working crap tons, and just emotionally dead.

My skin looks OKAY but I've been too depressed and pathetic to wash my face properly these past two nights. I have a few extra white heads because of this but nothing too overwhelming.

I was also going to take a picture but had to run out the door to get to work today. It's my mom's birthday and I have no present for her either. I'm just a huge mess.

Everything was so perfect last week too. BOO!

I've been drinking very little water, eating less than a meal a day, and just got a cold or whatever the hell this thing is that makes my head feel like a pinata about to burst with Skittles and Sweet Tarts. I've been ridiculously warm and sweating like no one's business.

How could things get worse? My 21st birthday is in a couple weeks and I need clear skin damnit.

I'm just so overwhelmed. Need to get my mind off all of these bad things.

Other than that, how is everyone else's skin doing? Well I hope!

yinyang.gif Stephanie


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Awwh thanks, I'll be okay but it's just rough right now. I think I should go for a jog tonight. It would be perfect if there were a metal show tonight or something. Maybe I can just draw a few angry pictures. I dunno but I'll try all the angsty teenage tricks in the book haha. :P

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try to stay on your regimen..its so important..anywho, to answer your question, my skin is doing mas o menos bien pero tengo una espinilla en mi caro...que horror...adios amiga.

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Solo uno? Muy bien. Algo mejor que yo con mucho espinillas en mi caro.

I know, staying with it is the most important thing I just suck at remembering. D:

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sorry about your not so awesome week D:!

pamper yourself and take a breather. hopefully everything will run more smoothly in the upcoming weeks for you [21st birthday, get excited :>!]

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Keep your head up clambak3 :-) It gets easier. As everyone else said, stay on your regimen....its very very important. Go exercise, move around, be with positive peope, etc.

Face is a hot mess.....sad about it but what can i do.

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My face keeps giving me problems. It looks like it's all gone and then WHAM here's some more as if we didn't hate acne enough alreadyyy.

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