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Day 6



Bad news. I've got 3 new cysts on my chin. I've a feeling it's the jojoba oil. I went back to aveeno yesterday and my skin (while still feeling like it was burning) didn't break out this much. I figured it'd be ok to go back on the jojoba since the burning feeling didn't go away - but I've broken out more on both days I've used it, so I think I'm going to have to rule it out. Sigh.

I had to go and buy some new clothes for tomorrow's film shoot - which brought me face to face with those delightful overlit changing room mirrors. GAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I seriously looked like a burn victim. Or someone that's recovered from a recent skin peel. To be honest, I was still fine with the redness and even the painful burning feeling cos I didn't have any new actives - AND THEN - got home, washed my face and realized I had 3 new cysts on my chin. Painful too, of course.

I don't know how I'm going to do this filming tomorrow - which really sucks considering how much I've already prepared for it - I doubt there'll be any close ups on the extras - but my skin's so bad right now I'm genuinely afraid that when I show up to the set they're going to tell me to go home.

Skin product changes: I stopped putting on my isotrexin (powerful topical gel) since my skin's felt so dry the last couple days. And needless to say - going back on the old Aveeno tomorrow.


4 new actives

3 new cysts on chin

old cyst by eye a tad smaller

skin dry, but not flaky

Side effects

Face still feels on fire


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i used isotrex with is the same as your topical but without the anti biotic - it does dry your skin and make it flake etc since your on accutane your skin is already dry i would use it sparingly if you want.

Also from my experience isotrex sometimes helped the healing process but at others when my skin was a little run down,dry and under moisturized it broke me out a bit so that maybe your cause too.


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Jay - thanks for the isotrexin advice. I've definitely noticed that I have to use it a bit more sparingly now that my skin's starting to get drier. Thanks!

Amoxilworx - I've figured out that they're not in fact cysts - just really big spots. I don't want to be adding much else to my regimen while on accutane - but that's good to know, thank you.

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Oh God so nice to hear that someone feels the same way about changing room mirrors! I just started today on 20mlgs too! had to return my clarisonic :( but all in the hope of better days!

good luck on the shoot !! (I'm sure if you put on some concealer the camera wont pick up on bumps :) )


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AJ - aren't they just the worst? There weren't any close-ups on the extras, so my skin wasn't featured in any way, thank GOD. Best of luck on your 20mgs!

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