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Day 3 - Second Course Of Oretane



I went on Oretane last year for 5 months (60mg per day) and it worked wonders for my skin, until now. I noticed over the past few months that my skin was getting oilier and break outs increasing again. I have suffered from very persistant hormonal acne since i was 13, I am now 25. My acne has been moderate, but persistant in nature. My derm has suggested another course for 4 months, before my wedding next year Feb.

Anyone got any experiences on what its like 2nd time round on this stuff? I experienced all the usual symptoms first time round (dryness sore cracked lips, intense back ache). My skin did get worse before it started to clear. Does it break out as bad second time round??

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Hey! I'm on my second course of Oratane at the moment, & I've found I'm not getting as many, or as worse side effects as I did the first time. I was on 20mg for 3 months the first time & this time im on for 6 months & I'm almost 3 months in. I didn't really get an initial breakout either time tho so I can't compare myself in that way. Good luck with your second course! Nicole.

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