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Spiro Update



I am starting to get the side effects from spironolactone...when I stand up I get dizzy...I am taking 100mg of spironolactone each morning...My ex-dermatologist told me that it should work after two months but I read some research online and it said improvement in skin is usually seen after six months...thats what started the fight...I want to stay on my anti-biotic but my ex-derm told me she wont order me any new refills of Amoxicillin...therefore I have a new doctor starting August 28th...I am nervous but I am going to be strong and stand up for what I know is right...Amoxil worx...I can't go back to the face I had pre-Amoxil...I hate acne too much to deprive myself of anti-biotics...they work...spiro might work...I need at least six months of continued anti-biotic treatment...I'll let everyone know how things go with the new doctor!

My regimen is:

Step A. Wash face with dial antibacterial soap. Dry face with soft clean towel.

Step B. Apply pea size amounts of topical clindamycin and topical tretinoin. Wait three hours.

Step C. Wash face with dial antibacterial soap. Pat face with dry clean towel.

Step.D Apply Benzaclin. Wait three hours.Wash face with antibacterial soap or purpose gentle face cleanser,

Step E. Re-apply pea size amount of topical clindamycin and topical tretinoin. Wait three and half hours. Wash face with purpose gentle face cleanser.

Step F. Re-apply benzaclin. Wait three hours. Wash face with gentle purpose cleanser.

Step G.Re-apply topical clindamycin and sleep. Good night!

Antibiotics and spironolactone:

6:00AM take 1,000mg of Amoxil

11:00Am take 100mg of spironolactone

12:30pm take 1,000mg of amoxil


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