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Day 2

I haven't washed my face for 2 days now and surprisingly I haven't broke out, my red marks are starting to fade and I'm developing a slight glow in my skin.

Honestly, no treatment I have ever bought has worked as fast as this. My skin still feels a little dry and irritated, especially at night, but I'm hoping this will go away eventually.

As for what I actually do in terms of washing/not washing ; I take a warm (not hot) shower every morning and wash my hair, I don't make an effort to wash my face but it does inevitably get wet. I also will use soap on parts of my body that need soap to take away bacteria - like armpits, feet etc. Then I shave making sure to be really gentle and rinse off the foam with some warm water gently (but never scrubbing or rubbing my face). At night I do nothing, just go to bed.

I'm thinking about trying out some more natural shaving foams as the can of foam I use at the moment probably isn't doing much for my skin.

I'm also finding it really weird not to be washing all the time. As an acne sufferer, I was always told to wash my face 2/3 times a day, have a regime and apply lots of chemicals etc. Whilst I am sure this helps to a certain extent with hormonal acne, it probably wasn't helping out my skin in the long run. From talking to friends, relatives etc about skin I have started to notice that people with amazing skin barely do anything to it, they just leave it alone and wash it sometimes, it's mostly people who suffer some sort of problem skin that will be using the peels and the scrubs etc.

Anyway I've attached some pictures, it's not radically different than yesterday but hopefully you will notice some improvement. I will keep you updated !


Good Job! You have really great skin that was previously being upstaged. I'm glad that you found something that worked and was so simple. May I suggest that you use a very light hypo-allergenic, and scent free moisturiser? If your skin is dry then the body will release oils to make it supple again. I only use a pinky-nail sized amount and it seems to work well.

Good luck, Handsome! And remember to keep your chin up!

Picky Nicki

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I think you should see a dermatologist because the methods of treatment you are coming up with are frighteningly ineffective against acne...or at least use proactiv or X-out...consider adding an anti-biotic as well...all you're doing is letting dead skin and oil build up on your skin...a virtual breeding ground for pimples...sorry to break your bubble but its true...

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