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Day 1



Hello there. I'm a 28 year old woman starting Roaccutane for the first time. I figured I'd document my course of treatment to track my progress. I've mild acne, though it used to be much worse. I've had acne for 17 years now and am just kinda done with it! Though my skin's gotten better throughout the years - thanks in large part to this site - I still suffer daily breakouts and go through life constantly thinking/worrying about my skin.

I've been put on 20mg and today is Day 1. I'm a bit scared (terrified) of suffering those 'rare' side effects, especially after reading endless online entries about the horrible things this medication can do to a body - this medication that was originally meant for cancer patients!

But I am optimistic and can only hope for the best.

I only just took the first pill a couple hours ago and so have nothing to document so far.


5 actives, mainly in chin/mouth area

1 cyst near my eye that's been there for 2 weeks

Lots of scarring, inactive acne


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