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2012 Is A Bad Ass Year



This year is the worst. At the beginning of the year my acne wasnt that serious yet i complained alot. now i regret complaining. A few months later i got sunburnt. my cheeks were red. worse yet, i was having my exams. Thankfully, it lasted for 3 days. Everything was back to normal. Just 2 months ago, my skin start breaking out. I was at my breaking point. I stayed at home not wanting to go out. I tried using diffrerent stuff on my face. And that is how i got my allergies. My face was worse than before. Contact dermititis lasted for abt 3 weeks. It was itchy, swollen and i looked lyk a blowned up apple. ok that does nt make sense but my cheeks were red and swollen and there were pimple like things on it too. the surface was rough. i thot i was gonna stay lyk that forever. Thank god, my derm told me that its gonna go away soon. A month later, its all gone. now im left with my acne red marks. a few pimples on my forehead and also on my chin. My cheeks are still red and people still stare and ask abt it. But i told myself that i've been through the worst and they dunno shit about my skin.

p.s what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, ryt?

so acne may not seem that bad when you been through what i've been thru. But i still wish the red marks would fade away soon.

At the meantime, i guess i gotta get use to being the odd one out. So im gonna do that with a happy heart!


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it took one mnth to go?


that sad news for me.

could u check this post and tell me if it was anything similar?

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Hey.I read ur post. Your skin didn't seem serious as mine. My both cheeks were covered with zillion bumps and my skin was thick n swollen n also red. Like tomato red. I think your problem will go away .. if it doesn't go away then go see a derm.

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