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Week 2 1/2 Initial Break Out.



It's monday so its about 2 1/2 weeks of being on taz and aczone. I have gotten my initial break out.. awesome. Also my face is barely starting to clear. I don't have any more than the usual dryness. I don't have any peeling or redness. My skin tone is still uneven and still looks very rough and dry. I don't get it, I put moisturizer on every morning and by noon-ish my face is so oily I have to start blotting it up.

Also I suffer from deep red marks on the side of my face that have been there over a month. Will the medication I'm on get rid of them? Or what is the best natural way to get rid of my deep red marks.

I can handle my initial break out because the zits that pop up usually go away within 3 days. So I'm gonna stick it out on taz and aczone as my last option before going on the dreaded accutane.


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