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Finished Roaccutane...





I know I haven't posted on here in a while but it's because I've been extremely busy on my holidays. sorry!

I came back on to just cap things off and tell you what's happening now after my Roaccutane treatment.

Dosage throughout treatment:

  • Month 1 - 30mg
  • Month 2 - 30mg
  • Month 3 - 30mg
  • Month 4 - 30mg
  • Month 5 - 30mg
  • Month 6 - 40mg

    Originally, I was only supposed to be on treatment for 4 months, but Unfortunately I was not seeing any results and I was still breaking out in the horrible unpopable cysts and just nasty lesions, so when I went back for the 5th time and complained he just kept me on 30mg, but when I went back again for my 6th month, I was seen by a female dermatologist which she thought was ridiculous keeping me on a steady 30mg and not even increasing my dose, so she popped me up to 40mg.

Side effects throughout treatment

I had none other than dry lips, and I even had dry lips before Roaccutane so, oh well. Maybe I had a few other side effects but I didn't really notice.

Would I recommend it?


My conclusion for the treatment as a whole:

I was very hesitant to start Roaccutane, I was reading all these horror stories that really put me off going on this medication, but now that I'm completed I regret now going on earlier to prevent all these scars, I suffer from dermatillomania which is a condition where one picks his or her skin, where ever it may be. Scab or pimple of some sort. Roaccutane has given me better skin than all of my friends, even the ones without acne, (obviously minus my scars...)

One main topic I wanted to cover was 'BREAKING OUT AFTER ROACCUTANE'

I just wanted to say that it's quite obvious that everyone is still going to break out after the treatment, Roaccutane is not a cure.

As long as I don't have 200 cysts on my face, I'll be alright with a couple of pimples, seriously. Why are people shitting over breaking out a few times. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

Everyone breaks out.

I will return and provide more information and pictures of my face, with and without acne. Thanks for reading and Have a great day :D


Recommended Comments

These are great news!!!

Loool I just read the Week 15 Topic , and man i had a nice laugh time ..

It would be great to post the before and after pictures really , do it!

I'm in my first mouth of accutane ,I had to stop for 2 1/2 weeks because i had an very severe flare up , but now everything seems to be going the right way ^.^

I'm also in 40mg per day , do you think the dosege metter?If i will be put on a higer dose u think my acne will clear up faster?

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First of all, good luck with your treatment!

And I think that you should stick with what you are being prescribed as the dermatologist knows a lot more than we do.

For me I only really saw a big improvement on the last month, on the last week actually...

But with Roaccutane you just have to play the waiting game, keep taking your pills and get ready for sexy, smooth and acne free skin ;) Good luck!

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Yes I keep thinking about clear skin but that's only in the end or in the best case after 4 mouths , how I should go throught high school with my red mark face and cystic face?:<

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Yay! So glad to hear. I am finishing my last 3 pills and I am"cured" in a sense. Everything you stated here, I completely 100% agree with. I feel like a million bucks compared to before 6months ago. Do I think I will have pimples here and there, sure its normal. Do I want and expect to have the massive cysts I once had, hopefully and absolutely not! Overall, I was scared, nervous, very impatient and I'm glad its over!!

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