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It's The Strangest Thing..



I don't know WHAT I did but my skin is honestly clear. I have 2 white heads and that is IT. I haven't had this clear of skin since I was like 10. My spots are also a lot less noticeable and appear to be smaller.

I couldn't be happier with my skin regimen.

I was thinking it had a lot more to do with food and nutrition but honestly I've been eating like total crap these past 2 weeks, been smoking a lot, and even drinking.

I would have never guessed that my skin would look this great right now. I don't even know what to do with myself!

I do have to say that this mask->http://www.amazon.co...words=clay mask

has a LOT to do with it. That and just regularly washing my face at night gently (then of course applying ACV and rinsing it off) and then just cleansing it with cool water in the mornings.

That and my moisturizer is effing perfect. I love Olay and I don't think I would ever switch moisturizers. EVER.

yinyang.gif Stephanie


Clambak, you should definitely post some before and after pictures! How long have you been on your regimen? I definitely recommend you continue to eat healthy as much as possible though -it can only enhance your skin care

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I have never taken a picture of myself with no makeup before because it's honestly a little horrifying but I can take one now and keep updating!

I've been doing this (with minor tweeks here and there) for about 3 or 4 months.

I was using Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash and it made me break out and I had to resort to square one. I was nearly clear about a month and a half ago (before I switched to Neutrogena.. what a mistake) and now I've finally got rid of all of the tiny little bumps from around my chin caused by some sort of infection through a lip exfoliant that spread through most likely makeup.

You are completely right though, taking care of your health can only help you more. I haven't been working out lately but when I do that makes a giant difference too.

Fruits and veggies all the way!

I just can't believe that some people on here are using BP and other harsh stuff and further irritating their poor acne prone skin. I prefer a soft, healthy looking complexion to a dry, red, itchy one any day.

Keep me updated on your skin regimen too, and you should take some before and after photos if you haven't already. It can help to figure out when your skin gets worse and what can make it better.

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Some people said that smoke affects acne , I honestly don't belive that..

I'm not sayin that it dosen't age the skin but it has nothing to do with acne , my opinion.

Congrats on your skin!I'm in my 11 day of accutane and looking forward to a CLEAR skin hihihii

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Omgshhh I always wished I could go on Accutane. How goes it, do you see or feel anything different as of right now? I wish you luck on your perfect skin!

I don't think smoking does either just from personal observation I guess. But yes, aging and such. I don't believe sun has anything to do with acne either but again of course it speeds up the aging process.

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Well my skin is starting to get dry, nose bleeds , dry/chapped lips .. this suck so hardddd, but as people who used accutane said , it's worth the said effects

As for my acne I had a terrible initial break out needed prednisone still takeing pred, but this are better , the IB left big red marks but they say they will fade faster , they already began , so I guess the raugh part passed now let's see what happen next^^

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Ew yeah prednisone. My doc told me to use that and I filled it and said HELL NAH. It was for an irritated esophagus and I'm like heh? This will only get rid of the symptoms not fix the problem. Why do you need that when going on Accutane? Or is it for a different reason?

Yeah I've seen beautiful skin result from Accutane. Stick in there and keep me updated. I'm sure your skin is already looking more and more fantastic. smile.png

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Prednisone is a oral steroid used to decrase the infalmationa and the chanse of scarring, it dosen't slove my problem but it did it easy for sure..you don't need that when you go on accutane , but some patient like 1/50(like me) develop an severe acne flare up in the first mouth on accutane , so it's best if you take prednisone and antibiotic.

Haha your sweet but it's very slow..this progrres

Sorry about your boyfriend and your raugh week ):

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Ooooooh I didn't know that. I don't know much about it either. I hate this sick game called acne. I never win. :(

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