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Week 32 - Non-Inflamed Is No Fun...



Ok, so things are alright. I am still doing well inflamed-acne wise, but not so hot in the non-inflamed department! It's spreading down my face neutral.gif I still love my AHA+ and am using it every night, but it's not doing as much as I was hoping it would for the bumps. I am considering treating it as fungal instead of acne. I never thought those bumps all over my forehead could be anything besides acne! But reading some posts made me think that it might not even be acne. It makes sense! It gets worse in the heat and with sweat, and itches a lot. So the plan is to continue on my current regimen, but try some anti-fungal treatments. We'll start with tea tree oil, since I've used it on and off before and know my skin responds well to it. Hope it goes well!

This is what I'll try doing

  • Wash face with acne.org cleanser mixed with jojoba
  • Use dilluted tea tree as a toner
  • 2 pumps BP (may be reduced, because I've been super dry all of the sudden)
  • AHA+

    Hopefully this combination of things does not irritate my skin too much! I'll be checking in again to compare and see if I made any progress.

    • Inflamed acne: none at the moment. Had a few spots on chin/jawine, but they are gone now.
    • Non-inflamed bump things: forehead, in between eyebrows, temples, both cheeks on outermost edge and spreading downward at an angle.

    And we're off! smile.png


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