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Eating Right (And Exercising) Is Important!



If you have tried everything for your acne except for nutritious foods and exercise...read on


Okay, so, I know a lot of people don't believe diet has anything to do with skin. I also know a lot of people who will preach about how important diet is for skin.

I believe that diet can absolutely make a difference, it is no miracle cure by far, but here's what I've noticed (from personal experience).

My mommy has been a vegetarian for almost 18 years. In the beginning of 2012, I was suffering from annoying red blotches and red bumps (not many whiteheads).

I decided to become a vegan, for the month of February just to test it out.


It was difficult at first, but I found alternatives to nearly every animal product. Let me tell you, I didn't see results right away. In fact, I didn't see results for that whole month. Toward the end of the month, I decided to become a vegetarian. I use that term loosely because I don't drink milk or eat eggs. I just have cheese once every few weeks. Around April/May, I did notice that my skin looked much smoother. Now, the acne did not go away, but the red marks weren't flaky or rough. My skin was still red, and there was still active acne, but you could tell there was a softness to it. So, yes, my new lifestyle of eating healthy did contribute to helping my skin. While very minimal, i'm positive it will continue to effect it positively. (:

In addition to my new food routine, I began to exercise in early July. I barely exercised before, and I have to tell you, I dread going to the gym to exercise; however, once I'm finished, I feel so much better and I'm glad that I did it. I haven't missed any training sessions, even if I was sick for two of em'. So far, and it's only been about...8 or 9 personal training sessions, I have seen an improvement in my skin.

At first it made my skin a little more prone to whiteheads because of the sweat and whatnot, but afterwards I saw that my red spots weren't as red and that I didn't get acne as much as I did previously.

Now, I'm not saying, that this will cure your acne. I am not a dermatologist, nor a nutritionist. I am just suggesting that if you have acne, and you eat whatever you want and you are a couch potato, then you should really give eating healthy and exercising a chance. Not only for your skin, but for your health in general. I'm not saying become a vegetarian, I know how annoying it is when people try to push their opinions on you ha, but I recommend eating a whole foods diet (:

ALSO, DRINK TONS OF WATER, i know you all hear it! I am a firm believer that my skin's texture improved because of water. I drink 10+ cups a day (and yes, I'm constantly in the bathroom), but it really helps.

Anyways, this was just a tiny bit of help, good luck to you all!


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I think its great that your new diet is helping. Very smart choices. I am also vegetarian but very much into meds also.

My regimen is:

Step A. Wash face with dial antibacterial soap. Dry face with soft clean towel.

Step B. Apply pea size amounts of topical clindamycin and topical tretinoin. Wait three hours.

Step C. Wash face with dial antibacterial soap. Pat face with dry clean towel.

Step.D Apply Benzaclin. Wait three hours.Wash face with antibacterial soap or purpose gentle face cleanser,

Step E. Re-apply pea size amount of topical clindamycin and topical tretinoin. Wait three and half hours. Wash face with purpose gentle face cleanser.

Step F. Re-apply benzaclin. Wait three hours. Wash face with gentle purpose cleanser.

Step G.Re-apply topical clindamycin and sleep. Good night!

Antibiotics and spironolactone:

6:00AM take 1,000mg of cephalexin

11:00Am take 100mg of spironolactone

12:30pm take 1,000mg of cephalexin.

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