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End Of Week 2 Update/rant



So I think I totally jinxed myself in the last post by saying how great my skin was doing!

I'm not sure if I'm just experiencing the IB I was told to expect, but I have developed a new giant beast of a cyst on my cheek right next to the one I already had prior to starting treatment. And also a small yet annoying red zit on my forehead - I never get acne on my forehead so I can only guess that the Epiduo gel has brought it out, so I'm not using the Epiduo on my forehead now, only on the zit.

I'm scared of saying this for fear of jinxing myself again, but my chin area is improving a lot - it's much flatter, less painful and seems to be drying out although there's still some nodules that won't shift.

The areas of acne at the sides of my nose are practically clear, they are totally flat but I've still got the red scars and some 'ice pick' type scars left over. If it wasn't for the red scars left over from a lot of the acne which has cleared thus far, my skin would look much better, but when the time is right I can cover the scars with makeup.

Another thing I've noticed is that the pores all over my face have become very enlarged - my skin looks like orange peel!! I don't know if this is due to the Epiduo or the tetralysal but I hope it doesn't stay that way forever!

Today is the last day i'm on Tetralysal twice daily - starting tomorrow I reduce the dosage to once daily.

Here's the rant/vent part...

I was told by my dermatologist on the 12th July that I need to see my GP about prescribing me the Dianette pill that we both agreed should help my skin and as I have a consultation for starting Roaccutane in a few weeks, I need to be on it asap. However I've tried 3 times to get an appointment with my GP, I even went down in person with a letter from my dermatologist stating I need to see my GP about this but I've still no appointment - the receptionist fobbed me off saying the Dr is fully booked up but will ring me with a phone consultation but he never did. I think it's disgraceful that I can't even get an appointment so I'm in the process of registering with a different Dr at a different practice. If my Doctor had referred me to a dermatologist when all this started instead of telling me 'don't put anything on your skin' for weeks on end, I think it wouldn't have got this out of control. Also I have to wait over 3 weeks to get a blood test at my clinic that my dermatologist requested. It's pathetic.

Ok so that's my little rant over! I'm not at all happy with the treatment (or lack of it more like) from my Dr but I think my dermatologist is wonderful. I still need to try and get an appointment with a Dr for Dianette asap though!


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Try to pull through! You can survive this! I do think you should coat your face with epi-duo though because spot treatment wont work. Epi-duo prevents new pimples from forming. Try to get on Amoxil or Keflex too. You can be very aggressive with your treatment and demand high doses of anti-biotics until your complexion is clear and then keep using all meds.Good luck! I've been there. My acne is very controlled right now because of my relentless regimen. I have made my face inhospitable to P. Acnes bacteria. Read my latest blog to see whats possible. I wish I could get on accutane but I dont think I can convince her to prescribe it for me.

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Glad to hear you're seeing some improvements, Mel, and it's bound to feel a whole lot better if it's becoming less painful.

Pity about the situation with your doctor though, that's got to be really frustrating and you're quite right to object. All credit to you for taking charge of the situation and wanting to change doctors. On the plus side, it's great that your dermatologist is behind you because that's not always the case. In fact, my experience of it all is that the doctors do their thing but you don't get very far with the dermatologists, assuming you get to see one at all. Seems like it's the opposite way round for you! If they're fighting your corner and ordering blood tests and stuff, that's progress and if it leads towards getting treatment and then being considered for Roaccutane, the current hassles will pay off in the end.

Keep on keeping on! :)

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